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Olive Oil pomace 1l

Olívaolaj pomace
1 390 Ft1390
Bonus point : 14 Ft

Olive Oil - extruded from the ulivo's plant. Contains lots of antioxidants and vitamins. Effective against cardiovasculopatia and cancer, protects the skin from drying out. Used in cookery, cosmetics and soaps.

  • Origin:

    The European Union



    Green-yellow coloured with characterised smell. On room temperature it's a densely flowing vegetable fat



    They extract the oil from the olive.


    Consists of refined olive oil and virgin olive oil. The olive oil contains essential fatty acids such as: linoleic acid and vitamin F.



    For salads and cooking it is also used. Can be applied by itself on the skin or as cosmetics componet.



    Keeps the healthy state of the hair, eyes and the skin, strengthens the myoblast and reduces gastric acid. Reduces the cholesterol level, widens the veins and decreases the blood pressure. Effectively recovers the dried skin. Slightly antiphlogistic, removes the eritema and irritations. Also good for easing stomach problems.



    Protect from direct sunlight.


  • Kiszerelés
    1 liter
    Minőségét megőrzi
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