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Palm Oil 1 l bucket

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1 177 Ft1177
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Palm oil - extruded natural fat from the fruit of the oil palm. Contains lots of vitamins.


It is the greatest amount of plant oil used in the world. Used for cooking and frying. Component of cosmetic products, body lotions, soaps.

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    Solid substance. It melts approx. on 39-42°C, burning point is above 235°C.



    Extruded vegetable fat from fruit of the oil palm. The oil is processed with steam in a big vacuum over 235°C.



    It consists mainly parts of palmitic acid and parts of oleic acid, and significant amount of vitamin E, vitamin K and beta-carotene. Contains iron, zinc, potassium and sodium. Palmitic acid (42%), oil acid (41%), linoleic acid (10%), stearic acid(5%), myristic acid (2%).



    It is the greatest amount of plant oil used in the world. The oil can be found in body lotions, soaps, sampoos, hand creams, lipsticks, chocolates and most of the desserts. Great for cooking, frying and buttering bread. The margarine producing companies and the cosmetic industry is a signifiant user of the oil. Slush and biodiesel is made out of it.



    Keep it in a dry and cold place.

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    1 liter
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