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White Clay 100 gramm

Fehér agyag 100 gramm
490 Ft490
Bonus point : 5 Ft

White Clay - rich in mineral substances, natural, additive-free and antibacterial. Strong detergency. Beneficial for all skin types, especially the dry and sensitive skin. To facial cleansing products, skin scrub and creams.

  • Fine-grained white powder.


    Pure, additive-free. Rich in minerals such as the: silicon, aluminum, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper, zinc, selenium, cobalt, manganese.


    Applicable for making masks, mineral makeups, soaps. By adding glicerin or honey the drying-up of the mask can be prevented.


    It's a natural source of minerals.

    Soothing, cleansing, repairing and regenerating the skin structure. Really good for the pimpled, inflamed skin and for all skin types. It not only detoxifies, but also able to bind heavy metals. Use it for the detoxification of the full skin. Removes pore-clogging sebum.


    Store in a cold place, protect from light. Indefinite shelf life.

  • Kiszerelés
    100 gramm
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