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Talcum powder case

Hintőporos doboz
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Talcum powder case – can be used to store powders and deodorants. The case is made from paper.




    Made from paper, the top and the bottom is made out of plastic. Easily rechargeable, can be used several times.



    Primarily to cease bad smell, treating the cohesive skin surface or preventing it from happening.

    Our own toxin free talcum powder can be made easily:



    Mix up baking soda an corn stratch in an equal proportion. Add some lemond or orange and peppermint volatile oil. Shake it together nicely.


    The baking soda neutralises the bad scent, the corn stratch in turn soaks the wetness and takes care of the skin. Instead of volitale oils we can use flower leaf, powders of odorous plants. Tips and recommendations found here can be different per person, for this reason it is advised to try-out first.