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Coconut Oil 1 liter

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Coconut oil - the coconut flesh is desiccated with natural process. Odourless and tasteless.


Protects the skin and the hair. Raw material of cosmetics, soaps and healthy foods. Helps weight loss and increases the energy levels.

  • Origin:

    The coconut palm is from the Philippines that can grow to 30 meters high. Its leaves are 4 to 5 meters long.



    Odourless and tasteless.



    It is produced from the fresh coconut flesh mechanically, which isn't hydrogenated. They dry the extracted coconut flesh until its moisture content reach 10-12%. Then the oil can be made. The weight of 1000 ripe coconut is 8640 kg, from which 70 liters of coconut oil can be produced.


    Contains 92% saturated fat. 0,5% caproic acid, 7,8% caprylic acid, 6,7% capric acid, 47,5% lauric acid, 18,1% myristic acid, 8,8% palmitic acid, 2,6% stearic acid, 0,1% arachidic acid, 6,2% oleic acid, 1,6% linoleic acid.



    The cosmetic industry uses for soap production in a small amount. Can be applyied on the face, used as body lotion, instead of lip cares and depition. In Australia, they put it into chocolates and sweets. It is also used in places like cinema to flavouring popcorns. For the industrial margarine production, baker confectionery industry. It is often used as fuel, even for cars, vans and buses are operated by the coconut oil. The mix of the coconut oil and coconut milk is also used as medicine. In India they used coconut oil to light before the arrival of the electric current.



    Bactericidal, fungicide, antiviral, slows down the ageing, protects from the UV radiation, hydrates and absorbs quickly. Suggested to use for gall bladder and gastrointestinal problems. As a hair care it gives a sparkling tonsure, nourish the skin. As a rinse it kills the bacteriums in the mouth, assists the teeth to be healthy, banishes the bad breath. Can be used effectively against garden pests and weeds.



    Keep it in a cold place, protect from light.

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