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Castor Oil 100 ml

Castor Oil 100 ml
315 Ft315
Bonus point : 3 Ft

Castor Oil - (Ricinus communis) skin and hair car effect. Raw material of the cosmetics and soaps. Pharmacopoeia purity. Ph.Eur

  • Great hair treatment, good against hair loss, the use of the oil results in a shiny hair. Skin, hair, nail, eye-lash regenerating and strenghtening. Often used in natural cosmetics or by itself.


    The ricinus communis is from Africa. The seed of the ricinus goes through extrusion, that gives the Castor oil. The Castor oil is yellowish green coloured, thick liquid, almost odourless. In cold temperature is almost becomes white, but to heating it turns back into gilt. Contains form of glycerides of the following fatty acids: ricinoleic, oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid.


    The Castor oil can be used by itself, without dilution on the skin, hair, nails, eye-lashes but it is widely used in natural cosmetics, natural soaps and hair care products.


    Removes the corns and moles. Rub it into the skin gently and thoroughly so that the problematic areas of the skin takes it up sufficently. Do it for about 10 days, day and night. Recommended to use warmed up Castor oil.


    Can be used for softening the callus parts of the skin.

    Apply it on wounds, cuts, scratches it can accelerate the time of healing.


    Selectable packagings:

    100 ml, 1l, 5l, 25l

    The 5 and 25l Castor oil can be found at the packages of products.



    Protect from light, keep in a cold place.

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    100 ml
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