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Potassium Sorbate

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129 Ft129
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Potassium Sorbate (E202) - Solid, scentless, white powder, potassium salt of the sorbic acid. Preservative. Blocks the growth process of the yeast, molds and several germs.







    Small and white granular material.



    Potassium salt of the sorbic acid. It occurs in the nature in the fruit of the rowan.



    Used as preservative in many cosmetic product. Sometimes the manufacturer replaces parabens with it. They used to treat cheese, wine, yogurt, dried meat, pastry and fruit with potassium sorbate. Its efficency is the highest in acid surroundings. If needed, the correction of the product's pH value is suggested (with lactic acid). To preserve, use it in water diluted state:


    1 part potassium sorbate, 5 part destilled water (after boiling).


    50g solution requires:

    -8,3g potassium sorbate

    -41,7g destilled water


    Tips and recommendations found here can be different per person, for this reason it is advised to try-out first.



    Blocks the growth of the yeast, molds and several types of germs. Doesn't have biocide effect, for this reason it prolongs only the durability of the unexceptionable hygiene produced products.



    Keep in a dry place, protect from light and heat.


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    10 gramm
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