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Deo stick flacon 45 ml, white

Deo stift flakon 45 ml
295 Ft
Bonus point : 3 Ft


White coloured, 45 ml polypropylene (PP). Size: 11 x 5,5 cm


  • Utilization:

    Used for solid deodorant sticks. Filling from beneath. The hot, molten liquid can be filled into the flacon after removing the tap underneath. Before actually filling, anoint the inside part of the tap with a drop of oil, so that later it can be removed easily.


    Deodorant recipe:

    30g cocoa butter

    60g culinary baking soda

    60 drop of almond oil

    20g rice-flour

    2-2-2 drops of orange, lavender and tea tree oil


    Melt the cocoa butter above the steam, and then add the baking soda and rice-flour. Mix it perfectly and then add the volatile oils and fill it into the flacon. Label it in order to know the date it was made and the ingredients. Tips and recommendations found here can be different per person, for this reason it is advised to try-out first.

  • Űrtartalom
    45 ml