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JutaVit Grapefruit Seed extract 30ml

JutaVit Grapefruitmag csepp 30 ml
850 Ft850
Bonus point : 9 Ft

JutaVit Grapefruit Seed extract 30ml - bactericidal dietary supplement. Raw material of natural cosmetics and creams.

  • Origin:

    It was discovered in the Caribbean area. Today it is raised worldwide on the tropical and subtropical areas.



    The grapefruit seed contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fibres, and big amount of vitamin C, E.



    Dietary supplement. Dose 20 drops daily. Mix it with plenty of water, tea or juice. Shake it up before consumption. Good to use it when making own natural cosmetics, creams. For preserving cosmetics products (emulsions, creams, shampoos, shower gels).



    Can be used for treating digestive problems, stomach and gut abnormality, diarrhea, food poisoning, parasites, bacteria, virus caused problem, influenza virus, mouth infections, plaque, gum problems. Effective against cough, sore throat, otitis. Operative of the treatment of osteoporosis as it reduces the bone loss. The grapefruit seed has a medicinal effect for acne, fungal infections between the toes, nail fungus, various skin problems, mole, rash, herpes, dandruff, chicken pox, chapped lips and for other problems as well.



    Keep it on room-temperature, protect from direct sunlight, keep the top closed.

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