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Urea 100 gramm

Urea 100 gramm
290 Ft
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Urea - colourless, crystalline, water-soluble. Naturally hydrates the skin, helps the cream to get to the bottom.


Water retention ability, soothes the itching.




    The European Union



    Colourless crystalline compound. Water and alcohol soluble.



    It is made of carbon dioxide and ammonium under pressure. Then urea is produced from the starting materials in addition to water outlet. During the reaction, first ammonium carbamate is formed, which turns back into urea with the water loss. Urea is formed by the partial hydrolysis of cyanamide, and also by the reaction of phosgene and ammonia.



    Additive of body lotions, conditioners, tooth whitening, washing up liquids. Only add it to cold cream as it is thermosensitive. Easily disintegrates for this reason acidify the creams with sodium lactate or lactic acid. The beginning of the decomposition will be known for the ammonia's odour. The tips we have described variable according to your preferences.



    In small amount it hydrates, helps the cream to get to the bottom of the skin. Water retention ability, eases the itching, reduces seborrhea. Contributes to cell regeneration, rediuces dandruff, helps solve the problem of the scaly skin.



    Protect from light and heat.


  • Kiszerelés
    100 gramm
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