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Colza Oil 1 l

Repceolaj 1 liter
1 010 Ft1010
Bonus point : 10 Ft

Colza Oil - cold-pressed vegetable fat from the seed of the canola for eating purpose. High consistency of saturated fat and vitamin.


Used in cooking, frying and as a cosmetic agent. Soothing, hair strenghtening, cholesterol and blood-sugar reducing, strenghtening the immune system.

  • Origin:

    Mediterranean territory



    Tawny, almost scentless oil.



    Cold-pressed vegetable fat from the seed of the canola.



    Saturated fats: 13% palmitic acid, 3% stearic acid. Unsaturated fats: 56% oleic acid, 21% linoleic acid (Omega-6), 10% linolenic (Omega-3). Vitamin E consistency: 100ml / 30mg



    Proper for cooking meats, vegetables and potatoes. Suggested for salads, pasta and seasoning vegetables. Can be used to strenghten the hair. Usage of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry is significant. The crude form of the oil is used to make industrial lubricants. It is the main commodity of the biodiesel fuel production.



    Soothes the skin, can help the every day, natural skin care. It plays a role in the beautiful hair, nail and skin construction. Regular consumption of the colza oil helps reducing the high blood-pressure, cholesterol and blood-sugar level. Supports the healthy function of the heart and vascular system. Can vivify the cerebration, strenghten the immune and the nervous system.



    Keep it in a cold, light protected place, especially after opening because to light and oxygen, it acidifies easier and by this it lowers the vitamin E-consistency.

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    1 liter
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