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Collagen 10ml

Kollagén 10 ml
1 450 Ft1450
Bonus point : 15 Ft


Collagen - absorbs easily, well-utilized material of animal origin. The most effective hair, skin and nail nutrition. Makes the skin sparkling and flexible. Slows down the visible signs of ageing, hydrates. Active substance of cosmetic products.




    The European Union



    Soluble in water. pH range: 3,7-6,5%.



    Builds up by amino acids, which compose of fibroblasts and osteoblasts.



    Can be found in most of the cosmetic products. In hydrating, anti-ageing, face and body protection creams, balsams and conditioners. In emulsion, build in the final phase in its cold state. Dosage: 3-10%.



    Feeds the dried and mature skin, protects from environmental effects. Because of the high water binding capacity, the skin becomes smooth and flexible. Hair and nail strenghtening, improving the skin structure, slows down the ageing process, nourishing, scar and streak fading. The collagen is widely used in cosmetic surgeries, burns, but also for the regeneration of the bones and during surgery.



    Protect from light and heat. Store it between: 10-25°C.


  • Kiszerelés
    10 ml
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