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Elasztin 10 ml
1 450 Ft
Discount: 990 Ft990
Begin: 26/05/2016   While stocks last!
Bonus point : 10 Ft


Elastin - substantial element of the connective tissue. Raw material of the hydrating, anti-wrinkle and cell regenerating cosmetics. Makes the skin tight and flexible.




    The European Union



    Soluble in water. pH scale: 3-10%.



    It is both used in face and hair care cosmetics. Thanks to its water-soluble ability, serum can be made by mixing it with distilled water. Dosage: 5-10%.



    Makes the skin tight, has a hydrating and cell regenerating effect. Prevents the loss of the skin's flexibility and dehydration. The products containing elastin helps the reformation of elastin in the skin.



    Keep in a dry place, protect from light and heat.


  • Kiszerelés
    10 ml
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