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Shea Olein 100 ml

Shea olaj 100 ml
  • Shea olaj 100 ml
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Shea Olein - excellent for making soaps and for hair care. It consists the shea butter's components in a liquid form. Reduces the lines, the symptoms of skin irritation, acne, psoriasis and the eczema. Protects, nourishs, softens, regenerates and restores the flexibility of the skin. Antiphlogistic, hydrating and it slows down the process of ageing.

  • Shea Olein / liquid shea butter

    The shea olein is from the shea butter that is generally being used in the cosmetic industry and in the hair and skin care products. It is produced by cold extruding the fruit of the shea tree, which gives a gilt coloured butter. Melts on body temperature, easily absorbs into the skin and has a great hydrating feature. After the shea butter refinement we get the shea olein. Its smell is the slight version of the shea butter's. It is a thick liquid on room-temperature. The shea butter is remarkably useful for making soaps, if you would like to make a hydrating soap that protects the skin from the wheather, the sun and the ageing effect.


    They found out from the hydrating attribution of the shea olein, that the shea olein and the shea butter also contains cinnamon ester, which in a limited way but is capable of absorbing UV-radiation. For this reason it is suggested to use with sun protecting products, before and after sun-bathing.


    It can be applied on the skin after shave or waxing. Prevents the irritations and makes the skin smooth. The shea butter protects the skin from the changing weather, while you can experience its rejuvenating effect.


    In liquid form the shea olein offers more benefits than traditional shea butter added to shampoos or balsams. It is almost odourless so it won't disturb the scent of the product.


    Use this unique oil easily several times a day. Make soap or cosmetics and enjoy its wonderful hydrating effect.


    Recommended to make a skin test for latex sensitives.


    Storage: Keep it in a cold and dry place.

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