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Soy Wax NON - GMO

490 Ft490
Bonus point : 5 Ft

Soy Wax - with less soot, smoke, this handmade candle burns 50% longer. Environmentally friendly scented candle. Non-toxic.

  • Pharmacopoeia purity. For cosmetics and eco candles.


    White, odourless, soft wax.


    Its melting point lower than other waxes (approx. 50°C). Non-toxic, biodegrades easily in the environment.


    Doesn't contain wax esters. It is a mixture of triglycerides of fatty acids: myristic acid (0,5%), palmitic acid (9-16%), stearic acid (79-89%), oleic acid (4%), linoleic acid (1%), linolenic acid (0,2%), arachidonic acid (1%), behenic acid (1%).


    Softens and nourishes the skin. It does not change the smell and the colour of the preparations. The candles made from soy wax with less soot burns cleaner and 50% more compared to other wax made candles. It can be easily removed from clothes and furniture.


    Store it in a cold place, protect from light.

  • Kiszerelés
    100 gramm
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