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Tego Care Psc-3

Tego Care Psc-3
990 Ft990
Bonus point : 10 Ft

Tego Care Psc-3 - BDIH certified, vegetable, PEG-free eco emulsifier. 2-6% dosage is recommended. Can be used in natural cosmetics.

  • 100% vegetable raw materials. PEG-free. Its consistency is identical to the Plantemuls emulsifier. It's a natural O/W emulsifier.


    It is an agent that can be used in natural cosmetics. Connects the water and fat phase of the cosmetics. Dissolve with the fat phase, then add it to the water phase. Dosage: 2-3% in lotions, 2-4% in creams (+ 2-7% assistant emulsifier e.g. cetyl alcohol)


    Compatible with most agent, sustains its high electrolyte content. It allows a stable O/W emulsion of the 4.5 to 8.0 pH range.


    Store it in a cold place, protect from light.

  • Kiszerelés
    100 gramm
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