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Ceramide 10ml

Ceramid 10 ml
490 Ft490
Bonus point : 5 Ft


Ceramide - helps the recovery of the skin's natural water of condition. Raw material for natural cosmetics, 100% pure, natural, vegetable.




    Water-soluble, 3-10 pH value, yellowish brown coloured,distinctive fragrance vegetal solution.



    Hydrolysed protein derived from wheat with enzymatic procedure, consists of phospholipids and sphingolipids.



    Dosage: In creams and cosmetics 5-10% of the total weight.



    Sets back the natural wetness of the rough and dried skin. By adding it to creams, your skin will be soft and comfortable. Strenghtens the resistance ability of the skin against the environmental harms and pathogens.



    Keep in a cold place, protect from light.


  • Kiszerelés
    10 ml
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