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Liposome 10ml

Liposzóma 10 ml
990 Ft990
Bonus point : 10 Ft


Liposome - reduces the deepness of the lines, improves the skin structure. Use it in natural creams.




    The European Union



    Soluble in water, 6-7 of pH value.



    Can be used in creams. Apply it on the cleaned face, neck, cleavage. Massage it into the skin with cyclic movements, except the area of the eyes. Dosage: 5-10%.



    With it the products can absorb faster into the skin. The liposomal products reduce the visble signs of ageing. The skin becomes tighter, its flexibility improves. Reduces the deepness of the lines and improves the skin structure.



    Keep in a dry place, protect from light and heat. Keep out of the reach of children.



  • Kiszerelés
    10 ml
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