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890 Ft890
Bonus point : 9 Ft


Keratin - 100% natural, vegetable. Protects and strengthens the hair and skin.



    Important agent of creams, shampoos, hair conditioners and balsams. Nourishes, protects and strenghtens the dry and damaged hair.


    The hair mostly consist of keratin, which can be damaged by external effects. For example: hair straightening. These damages are treatable with keratin.


    Do you want immediate effect? Then the keratin is for you. The keratin fills up the dry, damaged hair and split ends with energy, which gives a healthy and beautiful look to the hair. With regular use, the hair gets back its natural shiny look. The keratin creates a protection around the hair, by this it prevents from future damages.


    • restores the hair structure

    • hydration

    • nourishes and strenghtens

    • intensive regeneration

    • soft hair

    • easy combing


  • Kiszerelés
    30 ml
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