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Shea Butter Natural, Unrefined 1000 gramm

Shea vaj natúr, finomítatlan 1000 gramm
4 500 Ft4500
Bonus point : 45 Ft

Natural unrefined shea butter. Extruded vegetable fat from the african shea tree. It has a characterised scent. Emollient. Rich in vitamins and fatty acids. The shea butter reduces the lines, the symptoms of skin irritation, acne, psoriasis and the eczema. Soothes the dry skin. Eases the dehydration of the hands in the cold weather. Speeds up scar formation. Protects, nourishs, softens, regenerates and restores the flexibility of the skin. Hydrating, antiphlogistic and it slows down the ageing process.

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    The shea butter is yellow-white coloured, has a characteristic scent. Solid on room-temperature, lipoid-ish cosmetic raw material.



    Extruded from the shea tree's fruit.



    The shea butter is prominently rich in vitamin E and beta-carotene. Consists triterpene (75-80%), allantoin (10%), saturated fat (51,5%), mono unsaturated fat (42,7%), polyunsaturated fat (5,8%).



    The main field of application is the skin care. Can be applied on the full body several times per day, but for latex sensitives, skin test is suggested. Valuable component of herb creams, can be used for baby massage creams. Great supplementary agent in creams. Makes the skin soft, softens the lines. Eases the symptoms of skin irritation, acne, psoriasis and the eczema. Soothes, hydrates the irritated skin. The shea butter tenderizer effect assists the healing of the rough skin. With the use of it the stretch marks can be prevented.



    Keep it in a dry and cold place at the max heat of 20°C.

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    1000 gramm
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