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Shea Butter (deodorized) 2000 g

Shea vaj tömb 2000 gramm - dezodorált
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Shea butter, deodorized 100% natural vegetable fat - cold extruded from the african shea tree. Rich in fatty acids and vitamins. Reduces the lines, the symptoms of skin irritation, acne, psoriasis and the eczema. Speeds up the scar formation process. Protects, nourishs, softens, regenerates and restores the flexibility of the skin.

  • Made of the shea tree of Middle-Africa. The tree produces its big fruits for the first time when it's 20 years old, that is similar to a plum. It can produce its hard-shell fruits for 200 years. The tree is prevalent on the woody savannas, where huge specimens of the shea tree lives.


    Gray-green and yellowish white coloured, solid on room-temperature, fatty cosmetic raw material. It is extruded from the nut of the shea tree, then deodorized in order not to disturb the scent of the cosmetic products.

    The process of deodorising: The shea butter is filtrated, then with a short-term steam they remove the substances which causes the strong smell.



    Rich in vitamin E and beta-carotene. Contains triterpene (75-80%), allantoin(10%), saturated fat (51,5%), mono unsaturated fat (42,7%), polyunsaturated fat (5,8%).



    It can be applied on the full body several times per day, but for latex sensitives, skin test is suggested. Nicely intermingles with alcohol when mixing. Valuable component of herb creams, can be used for baby massage creams. Great supplementary agent in creams.



    Keep it in a dry and cold place at the maximum heat of 20°C

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    2000 gramm
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