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Neem Oil 1000 ml

Neem olaj 1000 ml - hidegen sajtolt
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Neem Oil - cold-pressed from India's evergreen plant. Antibacterial, fungicide, antiphlogistic and antiseptic. Eco-farmer's natural insecticide. Can be used on the face, hands and scalp.

  • Appearance:

    Its scent is similar to the sunflower's toasted seed. Its colour can be from auburn to green-brown. Solid on room temperature.



    Cold-pressed from an evergreen tree's plant.



    Contains vitamin E, valuable fatty acids and essential amino acids. Antibacterial in big dose and has antiphlogistic components.



    Non-edible. It is used in body lotions, hand creams and hair care products. It plays a significant role in the bioligical pest control. Effective if it's massaged into the wet skin. Amazing results can be achieved only by some drops of it. Massage it into the face skin, neckline or anywhere else with cyclic movements. Not recommended to use it under make-up.



    Corrects the skin's natural flexibility, makes the rough skin smooth. Helps the inflamed skin to heal. Apply on irritations, damaged skin, also effective against acne. Long usage of the oil can reverse nail fungus. Can be applied on dry and itchy scalp. Reduces dandruff and strenghtens the hair.



    Keep it in a cold place, avoid sunlight.

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    1000 ml
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