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Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)
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Ascorbic acid - E300 - in other name vitamin C. Many fruit and vegetables contain. Antioxidant, water-soluble crystalline substance. For culinary use, dietary supplements' ingredient.



    Helps in the treatment of the joint inflammation, heart disease and cancer.

    Important vitamin for the connective tissue, the tooth, the gum and the bone.






    In other name vitamin C. White coloured, scentless crystal powder.



    Can be used for roasting, cooking and for potting is a natural preservative. As a component of cosmetic products. Avoid any kind of contact with metals when consumpting.



    Anti-ageing, antioxidant active substance, stimulates the formation of collagen. Prevents the skin' ageing and the early formation of the lines, repairs the sun-bathing and the various damage caused by environmental conditions. The face looks more sparking, natural salve for pigmentation marks. Strenghtens the immune system. Plays a key role in the bone and cartilage build-up, as well as in the efficient iron absorption.


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