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Plurocare 100 gramm (vegetable emulsifier)

Plurocare 100 gramm
1 450 Ft1450
Bonus point : 15 Ft

Plurocare - natural, containing 100% vegetable raw materials, PEG-free O/V emulsifier. ECOCERT certificates.

  • Waxy, solid, fat-soluble emulsifier.


    Optimal pH value: 6

    Fatty phase ratio: 15-25%

    Melting point: around 75°C


    Dosage: 4-6%. Dose it to the fatty phase of the cream cosmetics. Base ingredient in aftershaves, after sun lotions, liquid body lotions. Suitable for sensitive, normal and fatty skin.


    Makes the skin soft, won't make waxy coating on the skin and there is no greasy feeling after use. Cosmetics that contain Plurocare gives a soft feeling.


    Keep in a cold place, protect from light. Store in sealed packaging.

  • Kiszerelés
    100 gramm
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