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Tube jar

Tube jar
330 Ft330
Bonus point : 3 Ft

Tube jar - Excellent for travelling. It is practical and hygienic for storing toothpastes and other cream in it.

  • Origin:

    The European Union



    The polypropylene material is fireproof at the maximum heat of 85°C, so you can put it in the hot water of the bath. Can be filled with 85°C liquids. Available in different colours.



    diameter: 35 mm, height: 45 mm.


    diameter: 35 mm, height: 55 mm.


    diameter: 45 mm, height: 60 mm.


    diameter: 60 mm, height: 70 mm.


    diameter: 60 mm, height: 125 mm



    Perfect for travelling and is a practical solution for the weekdays. Ideal to put toothpastes, sun lotions or other creams in it.

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