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Beeswax pastille Ph.Eur (white) 500g

Beeswax pastille Ph.Eur (white) 500g
3 890 Ft3890
Bonus point : 39 Ft

Beeswax pastille - natural wax, consistency increasing, emulsifying, moisturizer, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, scar formation.

  • Appearance:

    White transparent wax pill. Really flexible and has a perfect water-repellent ability.



    They purify the honeycomb from the honey and they melt it. The honey-bees fly 530000 km for the production of 1kg beeswax. For the production of 1kg beeswax 3,5 kg honey and 50 g pollen is needed. It is whitened with steaming and filtration.



    Palmitic acid, alcohols with oleic acid esters and other palmitates.



    Raw material of cosmetic products (lip care, soaps) and medicine productions. It is used for improving the consistency of natural cosmetics in the amount of 0,4-1,1%. The shea butter and coconut oil can melt easily in the summer but if you mix it up with some beeswax, it won't melt away. Widely used for candle making, brightening agent and as a modeller wax.


    Improves the regenerative ability of the skin cells, makes the skin soft and flexible, bactericidal, soothes the skin and prevents the formation of inflammation, its antiallergic and UV-absorbing effect is significant.



    Keep it in dry and cold place, store in a sealed container

  • Kiszerelés
    500 gramm
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